Getting Started

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Get started here with our product demo video:

Step 1:

In your browser go to the website either on a tablet or computer, and on the top right of the screen click the user login button.

Step 2:

Assign each student their own unique login account information from the list of supplied logins in your welcome letter. This login will serve as that students own personal account.

Step 3:

Once either you or the student logs in, they will be directed to the lesson bank. Click access UIL Lessons, or the lessons button on the top of the website. From the next page you will be able to access the different categories of lessons we provide.

The lessons we provide are as follows:

Dictionary Skills for grades 5 and 6, Dictionary Skills for grades 7 and 8 Listening Skills for grades 5 and 6 Listening Skills for grades 7 and 8 Ready Writing for grades 3 and 4 Ready Writing for grades 5 and 6 Ready Writing for grades 7 and 8 Editorial Writing for grades 6th through 8th

Step 4:

Select a lesson category to access the lessons for that subject. Once a lesson is selected it will open a new browser window. (Some lessons have resources to supplement the lesson click the Resource button to download the lesson supplements if available)

Step 5:

To get back to the list of lessons click the website tab on the left side of the browser, or close out of the lesson window.